The Salmon of Doubt

Douglas Adams On Friday, May 11, 2001, the world mourned the untimely passing of Douglas Adams, beloved creator of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, dead of a heart attack at age forty-nine. Thankfully, in addition to a magnificent literary legacy—which includes seven novels and three co-authored works of nonfiction—Douglas left us something more. The... Continue Reading →


A Dissertation on the task of writing a poem on a candle and an account of some of the difficulties thereto pertaining

by Douglas Adams, January 1970 I resisted temptation for this declamation To reach out to literary height For high aspiration in such an oration Would seem quite remarkably trite: So I thought something pithy and succinct and clever Was exactly the right thing to write. For nights I sat musing And musing ... and musing... Continue Reading →

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