The Tale of Pamela the Wizard

Written for my friend's college graduation, May 2018   Once upon a time in a faraway land, Pamela slept tight – spell book in hand. For three years she’d studied, and studied, and thought to learn to use magic, completely self-taught.   Tomorrow’s the day where she’d show off her stuff to prove to the world... Continue Reading →


The Devil Went Down to Motton

Introduction The Devil’s narrative in Stephen King’s story The Man in the Black Suit reveals a horror story different than the one told from Gary’s perspective. The intricacies of the evil mind reveal a horrible apathy and self-obsession lost in the boy’s point of view. Since the Devil is only physically present when Gary meets... Continue Reading →


Polly’s body wasn’t cold yet when the weather started to warm. Spring used to be her absolute favorite season, and it was almost poetic how she died on the first day of the season. Almost. Polly was always almost something. At age four, she was almost a ballerina, at age twelve, she was almost a... Continue Reading →

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