Thoughts on Pre-Petrine Russia

Pre-Petrine Russia was characterized by a strong devotion to Christianity, problematic but strong ties to their Mongol past, and a largely illiterate population. The dug out homes found across Russia had a unifying factor of conformity and community, usually tied to a plot of land. Hence we understand a pattern of settling, with populations concentrated … Continue reading Thoughts on Pre-Petrine Russia


Splish Splash: A Tradition of Leisure

During high school I was lucky enough to become a staple part of the Theatre Department, a place that would eventually lead me to where I professionally am today. During my time in the department I formed a group of friends and we fostered a strong relationship that survived graduation and the inevitable parting of … Continue reading Splish Splash: A Tradition of Leisure

Hook’ed at the Hip: Pamela Laredo and Wendy Fernandez

Tuesday, June 19, 2018 By Brittany Worthington, TPA Student Employee  Anyone who spends time with UT junior Wendy Fernandez and senior Pamela Laredo would assume they’ve been life-long friends. They laugh easily with one another, reference inside jokes, and both hail from Round Rock, Texas, where they lived fifteen minutes apart. When Pamela’s high school … Continue reading Hook’ed at the Hip: Pamela Laredo and Wendy Fernandez